Christmas Quiz 2022

Identify the birds in this collage

In 2022 my bird ringing group caught 42 species of birds.

Bird ringing entails catching wild birds, marking them with a tiny numbered ring, measuring them, ageing and sexing them and recording their health. We do project ringing to feed into large databases for particular scientific investigation. Bird ringing is a licensed activity and usually requires years of training.

The data collected all goes to the British Trust for Ornithology, a charity. The BTO says  'We harness the skills and passion of birdwatchers to advance our understanding of ornithology and produce impartial science'. You can read more about them and their work here 

On the left are 20 species of the 42 caught this year. What you have to do is tell me the names of all the species. hopefully in the right order from top left to bottom right row by row.

Just tell me the twenty names (and your name) on an email to

before 15 January.


When I have your entries I will check them and if we have several correct answers, two winners will be selected from the names placed in a hat by Mary, who is our recorder and produced this lovely collage.

None of my Ringing Group are permitted to enter the competition.



The two winners will receive a mug each as seen here. It will be delivered before the end of January. The delivery address must be within the local authorities in the area of our Nature Walks - see here for the list.


Entry to the competition is completely free.


If you wish to support Blackwater Valley Nature Walks, this website, the competition or my ringing activities please make a small donation using this button. Thank you.


If you are interested in bird ringing you are welcome to join us at a ringing session. Just email me at 

and we will arrange it. 

You can read more about what's involved here