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How to use this page

The Blackwater River follows an arc from Rowhill to Swallowfield. This map is the approximate area where we will record our walks.

The routes are grouped by length and identified by colour. Red are short, Brown are longer and Blue are the longest. Start small and work up to the top!

I have added a page to show you some additional places where small children can be taken or those with limited walking capacity. These 'nature' places are shown on the Purple button. No guidance is given on those for where to walk but most are nice small sites with clear paths.

New to the website are Rail to Trail walks on the Green Button. Ways to help reduce greenhouse gases and the effects of climate change. You will often find a rail or bus trip is cheaper than driving and makes more of a day out, especially with children to keep happy.

Choose how far you wish to walk and look for walks with that colour label on the map or use the buttons on this page.

Zoom in and you can click on the start button on the Google Map and follow the link. 

More routes will be added so keep checking back for more.

Nature you find will vary from season to season. We try to give a snapshot for each walk. Watch our Facebook page for more topical subjects - what's being seen now, what's being heard, best choices.

Feel free to use the Contact Form to tell us what you find and post your photos on the Facebook page.

Wheelchair users

It's difficult, as you know, to find longer paths with full wheelchair access. Most of my walks are simply not possible in a wheelchair, although parts may be.

I will mark the buttons in RED  where I think you may be able to do the route. I cannot promise without any doubt as different chairs of different sizes may not get through kissing gates and and I cannot be sure the path surfaces, distances or inclines are feasible with your transport. I will try to post some pictures. I can only suggest what might be possible but I have no expertise or experience. Ideally, take someone with you or tell somebody where you have gone and carry your mobile phone just in case.


Across Ash Ranges

If you find any missing items or errors please tell us here