Your favourite tree!                      A Photo Competition

The Winner - adult section

The Winner - under 16s section

Blackwater Valley Nature Walks in conjunction with Surrey Heath Tree Wardens invite you to enter a favourite winter tree photograph

Nothing could be easier!

Go out in the local countryside, look at the trees and take a great photograph of the best, most interesting tree or trees, or part of a tree, you can find. It can be large or small, coniferous or deciduous, young or old. And if you find a whole group of trees inspires you most that's fine too! Maybe you like the trunk of an old tree, its branches, or the patterns of the bark?

There are many places to visit in Surrey Heath and all the Blackwater Valley area  to see trees (see map below). As long as you find your tree or trees in the seven Council areas covered by Blackwater Valley Nature Walks (see Rules) including Surrey Heath, or on any of the walks on this website they can be entered. 

We would like you to identify the type of tree if you can but it's not essential. Some help can be found here.